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Industrial, Weatherproof Telephone Accessories
FHF offers a wide range of accessories and spare parts to enhance the functionality of the weatherproof telephones in your phone system.

Optical / Acoustical Call Indicator with integrated phone call relay 

The product can be used for two applications. As a Secondary Telephone Call Indicator, the device is used to signal incoming telephone calls with both the visual strobe light and audible horn. The unit serves as the telephone relay, being triggered by the incoming phone call. Power is from an externat 230VAC power source. Alternately, the device can be used as a standard signaling device, triggered when the 230V power is applied. The unit is compact, robust, corrosion-resistant and rated IP65. The Ex-Twin is also rated for Zone 1 hazardous areas

Sounder volume: approx. 100 dB(A), 
4 different signal tones ,
Integrated telephone call relay,
Flash light 230 V AC,
Power 3 joule 

weatherproof phone call indicator

Weatherproof Telephone Ringer

High-volume telephone call signalling devices for harsh weather conditions
WeatherproofTelephone Secondary Bell  
Application: Indoors and Oudoors (IP66)  
Housing: seawater resistant aluminium, Cap made by polycarbonate  
Sounder volume: approx. 90 dB(A)  
Different signal tones  
No additional power supply

The tough housing withstands rain, high air humidity, heat and cold as well as the influence of acids, alkalis and grease. The user can select between a single-tone, two-tone, three tone or warble tone ring with the help of internal DIP switches. Four different tone sequence frequencies can also be selected in a range between 5 and 20 Hz.

weatherproof telephone ringer

Industrial Telephone Hood

118900020 Soil-resisting protection housing stainless steel closed
118900000 Soil-resisting protection housing stainless steel open
11890005 Soil-resisting protection housing steel sheet yellow
11890007 Built-in housing for telephone FernTel-W with spiral cord
11890008 Synthetic housing for telephones yellow open
118900060 Built-in housing for telephone FernTel-W with armoured cord

weatherproof / industrial telephone hood

Weatherproof Phone Hood

Telephone Protection Hood for use of all FHF telephones 
Application: Indoors and Oudoors 
Sound absorbing up to 25 dB(A) 
Wall mounting or mounting on pedestal (console) 
Available in plastic, GRP, sheet steel, or stainless steel 
Different colours Available

Weatherproof Phone Hood

Weatherproof Telephone Relay

Telephone relay as accessory to connect optical and accoustic signalling devices without built in relays.

W/b connection to telephone
Adjustable with and without call/break bridging

weatherproof telephone relay


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