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Gai-Tronics VR Help Point Telephones
The VR Help Point family of telephones is fully electronic, vandal and weather resistant. It provides hands-free loudspeaking communications for any public area. Incoming calls are indicated by a flashing LED and audible warble tone.
  • SMART Analogue, VoIP-SIP & GSM options available
  • Vandal Resistant Metal Buttons
  • Hands-free operation
  • Robust and weather resistant: Up to IP65
  • One, two or three button autodial options with remote programming
  • Dual purpose design for flush or surface mounting, simple installation
  • 2 x RJ45 Connectors as option for VoIP¹
  • Optional Induction Loop facility for hearing impaired²
  • Line powered down to 25mA (Analogue models)²
  • Optional mains supply adapter
  • Non-volatile memory store
  • Audio-visual ring indication
  • CE Compliant

Connectivity options are:
SMART Analogue
The standard analogue unit provides basic telephone functions and can be connected to any standard two-wire telephone line, including FXS ports, analogue PABX lines and PSTN.
Self Monitoring And Reporting Telephone can be integrated with GAI-Tronics’ TMA monitoring and maintenance software.

SMART gives advanced features including remote programming, fault monitoring and call logging, all from a line-powered telephone capable of operating up to 7km from the exchange on a two-wire cable.

Voice over IP (SIP protocol)
GAI-Tronics VoIP-SIP telephones support Power over Ethernet (PoE) to combine power and connection to LAN or WAN. GAI-Tronics telephones now feature a secondary RJ45 port option which allows two or more telephones to be connected in series². GAI-Tronics VoIP-SIP phones offer a wealth of additional features including real-time reporting via Syslog, and can be configured by web browser.

GSM option allows wireless connectivity with SIM card, more details on reques.

VR Help Point Phone

1, 2 & 3 button Autodiallers:

These models are programmable with numbers up to 24 digits. A microphone muting facility guards against unauthorised calls made with a portable MF tone pad.

CB Telephone (with memory):
This can be used as a ‘hotline’ or press ‘ON’ and wait for reply.

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