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RED ALERT - Emergency Telephone

Avaiable in Analog, VOIP & WIFI with high audio quality, and unparalleled monitoring capability. RED ALERT telephones can tell you location, report call activity, activate up to two peripheral devices, and inform you of any problems. When used with our TMA (Telephone Management Application) software, RED ALERT telephones will lower system test and maintenance time

Gai Tronics Red Alert Telephone
VR Help Point Telephone

Avaiable in Analog, VOIP & GSM the VR Help Point family of telephones are fully electronic, vandal and weather resistant. They provide hands-free loudspeaking communications for any public area. Incoming calls are indicated by a flashing LED and audible warble tone. Available with 1, 2 & 3 button Autodiallers and are programmable with numbers up to 24 digits.

VR Help Point Phone

DDA Help Point Telephone

In addition to all the benefits of the VR, this help point incorporates features to assist with special needs. The help point is designed to help you comply with The Equality Act 2010 (EA) and therefore ideal for use in public areas. It is finished in contrasting colours, with a raised 32mm button. Raised text, Braille and inductive loop are standard.

Help Point Telephone
Clean Room / Clinical Telephone

The Clean Phone® Telephone’s hands-free operation is ideal for clean room, clinical, or sanitary environments. The Clean Phone’s graphic overlay is designed to withstand wipe-down exposure to many solutions, solvents, and chemicals typically used in sterile environments. Auto answer option allows personnel to answer calls without leaving their stations

Clean Room Telephone

PHP Public Help Point Telephone

The PHP400 Public Help Point telephone is vandal and weather resistant, providing hands free communications for any public area. Network Rail Approved SMART Analogue, GSM and VoIP-SIP options with large, vandal resistant metal buttons. 1 or 2 button autodial options with remote programming.

Public Help Point Telephone
Towers / Pedestals & Comm Stations

These Telephone Towers & emergency communications stations are designed for remote or high-risk areas, providing two-way communications for college campuses, parking garages, sports arenas, transit platforms and shopping malls. Wall-Mount Communication Stations with LED Strobe and Panel Light

Emergency Telephone Towers, Comm Stations

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