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Industrial Telephones from FHF
Industry Supply offer a range of Analog, VOIP and GSM weatherproof telephones for industrial use. FHF Industrial Telephones and Hazardous Area Telephones are proven in the harsh environments found in areas such as chemical plants, off-shore platforms and remote gas generating stations. These weatherproof / industrial phones are also available with ATEX, IECEx, UL and GOST approvals.

Weatherproof / Industrial Analog Phones

Weatherproof Analog Telephones with GOST / UL approved versions available either desk or wall mounted with a range of accessories. These Industrial analog phones are suitable for areas with high humidity, seawater climates or areas with higher mechanical stress.

Weatherproof Analog Telephones

FHF Weatherproof Analog Telephone

Industrial Weatherproof Analog Telephone

Industrial / Weatherproof VoIP Phones

The FernTel IP and Resistel IP2i weatherproof IP Telephones are suitable as desk phones or for all outdoor applications i.e., environments with high humidity, high salinity or dusty conditions. Availabe with headsets and a range of accessories.

Ind. / Weatherproof VoIP Phones

FHF Weatherproof VoIP TelephoneWeatherproof IP Phone VoIP
Weatherproof GSM Solar Phones

These weatherproof GSM telephones are ideal for when wired telephone networks are not available, also in circumstance where no power is available, the option of solar panels makes these into solar powered gsm phones suitable for any installation.

Solar Powered GSM Phones

FHF Weatherproof GSM Solar PhoneGSM Solar Phones
Weatherproof Telephone Accessories

To compliment this range of industrial telephones we offer these weatherproof phone accessories including, secondary ringers, telephone relays, weatherproof telephone hoods & housings.

Weatherproof Phone Accessories

FHF WeatherproofPhone Accessories
weatherproof phone accesories

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